Hello people!! I can not make a decision on which shirt I want!

Yes, I am going to buy a shirt from the Hunger Games.

I know. I am a dork.


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  2. luck-ch4rm answered: i like “May the odds be ever in your favor”
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  4. hey-senpai-did-you-notice-i answered: may the odds be ever it your favor one!
  5. everything-that-makes-me-whole answered: you should get the one that says real or not real? its so cute i >w<
  6. nerdy-is-the-new-sexy answered: Omg. I want one. Buy the ‘may the odds’ shirt!
  7. givemeyourkisses answered: Where are these from? :O Please tell me! I’d buy them both :P
  8. in-yupendi answered: i like the first t-shirt
  9. loganlerms answered: That’s awk I didn’t mean to reblog that
  10. oheneri answered: I got a t-shirt just like the second one. Check out my blog! Mine was like $10.99 with a coupon
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    Lol I want to buy a hunger games shirt too! And a mocking jay pin. I like the real or not real one :)
  12. daniraffini answered: Lol real or not real is so cute.
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